DA DEFENDS HEROES in real world crisis situations

The Right Tools

In a crisis situation, having the right tool at the right time can be the difference between life and death. Digital Aerolus drones provide previously unimagined capabilities, based on space-age technology - no need for GPS or Wi-Fi, immediately deployable into harm's way, plus safe handling that eliminates liability.

Digital Aerolus Drone Unit and Case

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First Responders Are Our Priority

Dr. Sanford Peterson, founder, shares why Digital Aerolus is the perfect partner for first responders to solve real world crises, and relates his deep personal connection to this industry.

A drone that you can quickly deploy from the safety of your patrol vehicle

Surveillance Mode Application

Digital Aerolus compares deployment time of a standard drone with a Digital Aerolus drone

Digital Aerolus Easy Deployment

Digital Aerolus demonstrates smooth flight inside our offices thanks to its Folded Geometry Flight Code

DA's Indoor Obstacle Course

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Digital Aerolus drones are the perfect tools for challenging real-world situations. Smooth indoor/outdoor flight and SafeCatch means safe interaction with people in emergency situations.

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