A 21st-Century Tool for Inspection and Reconnaissance

Get a close-up view of the underside of a bridge, or the inside of a storage tank... check on stock items in the upper levels of a warehouse... view the rear of a structure that might be concealing an injury victim - or a suspect. And do this in seconds, without endangering an employee, and without needing special training beforehand.

Digital Aerolus technologies...

Folded Geometry Flight Code (FGC)TM navigated

Safe to throw, catch or contact other surfaces via SafeCatchTM

Smart and behavior-capable with DABLETM and TANGLETM

...advantages above the rest

Carbon fiber rugged and internally ducted

Stable indoors and out

Instant-on with no setup

Image-collecting tool

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A Cornerstone Technology

designed specifically for

  • Highway & railroad bridge/tunnel/culvert inspectors
  • Boiler or storage tank inspectors
  • Underground mine operators & inspectors
  • Building inspectors
  • Ballast tank inspectors & ship owners
  • Underground vault & manhole inspectors
  • Warehouse operators
  • Grain elevator & agribusiness operators
  • Underground storage space owners

Aertos120 Specs

SIZE: WxHxD 18" x 18" x 4" (50cm x 50 cm x 10cm)
WEIGHT: 5.6lbs, 2.5kg (with camera system)
BATTERY SYSTEM: LiPo high capacity (spare included) and Universal Mains Charger
STANDARD PAYLOAD: Visual Wavelength HD video link (real time view and recorded), plus 12 MP stills, stabilized on gimbal with operator control of pitch from forward to straight up or down (+/-90°)
CARRYING: Protective shipping case

FLIGHT TIME: LightPayload, over 15 minutes. Full payload over 11 min
OPERATOR CONTROL: Conventional joysticks for flight, plus thumbwheel adjustment for camera tilt and button for taking still photos
LIGHTING: Colored lights to aid in navigation and indication of status
ILLUMINATOR: 2-watt high-brightness (300-lumen) LEDs for videos and still imaging
OPTIONS: Click here for options

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Digital Aerolus' cornerstone technology, Folded Geometry Code (FGC)TM, is a flight control and operating system built on advanced multi-dimensional geometric flight math used in space navigation not previously used in the consumer and commercial drone/UAS industry. FGCTM is integrated with the Company's TANGLETM telemetry and data management system, and DABLETM, Digital Aerolus' Behavioral Language and Environment.

These proprietary technologies offer users the opportunity to customize performance and behaviors all UAV's using this technology. Besides Digital Aerolus' own physical platforms, like the Aertos 120TM, Digital Aerolus has ported its technologies to other commercial platforms. Call us for additional information increased capabilities or help in solving your problems and addressing you needs.

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