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The Company

A spinoff of the Caltech Planetary Science Group, Digital Aerolus brings space-age technology to the drone/UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) market. Its internally-developed technologies and flying drones are designed to solve problems for police, fire, inspection, warehouse and many other applications. This commercial drone market is growing and largely untapped. Digital Aerolus' cornerstone technology, Folded Geometry Code (FGC), is a flight control and operating system built on advanced flight mathematics used in space navigation. As such, it was previously unknown to the consumer and commercial drone/UAS industry. Digital Aerolus' proprietary technologies offer sustainable, competitive advantages to this dynamic sector by providing previously unimagined performance characteristics.

The Opportunity

Digital Aerolus has spent 3 years and $3 million developing proprietary technologies. Through that investment and the efforts of a small, dedicated and highly technical staff, Digital Aerolus now has a suite of powerful techniques ready for commercialization.

See Digital Aerolus' Drone In Action

Instant Deployment

Our drones can be instantly deployed, with zero warm-up time and no need to acquire a GPS or Wi-Fi signal. Furthermore, our drones can interpret how they are handled and thrown to perform various possible sequences of desired activities ? all part of Digital Aerolus' Folded Geometry Flight Code (FGC).

Stable Flight (NON GPS)

Digital Aerolus' drones exhibit flight stability regardless of GPS or Wi-Fi connectivity , thereby greatly increasing commercial uses for drones. They operate smoothly even inside buildings and other places where signals are blocked. Folded Geometry Flight Code (FGC) proprietary software enables stable flight and hover in a variety of challenging environments.

Internal/External Telemetry

Digital Aerolus' Tangle Telemetry System enables dynamic management of internal and external links for more robust handling of flight and sensor data.

Artificial Intelligence

Our drones exhibit Artificial Intelligence (AI) characteristics by performing behavioral-based activities. They do this on their own, without needing instrument-controlled instructions to direct their every move or action. That behavioral language is based on Digital Aerolus' Behavioral Language & Environment (DABLE).

Drone Simulation Environment

Digital Aerolus has a custom UAS simulation environment, built around a space-age flight control software/real-time operating system. This allows us to develop user-specified AI behaviors.


Digital Aerolus' ducted design means hazardous whirling blades are encased, significantly reducing the risk of injury to humans, the unit or other assets when coming into contact. Also it allows capabilities such as throw-to-launch and hand-catch as well as flight-anywhere.

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