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A Digital Aerolus drone that is a true 21st-century solution to your inspection needs.

Stable Flight Indoors

AertosTM drones fly smoothly and hover in one spot even inside a structure, where GPS or other signals can be blocked. Unlike standard drones, the Aerotos120TM uses spaceflight navigation inspired Folded Geometry Flight Code (FGC)TM, inspired by our NASA-based roots to fly and hover even inside tunnels, tanks or buildings, and under bridges, even if GPS and other signals are denied.

Sturdy Design

AertosTM uses carbon fiber and KevlarTM for their strength-to-weight benefits, incorporating sturdy ducts to protect the blades from touching surfaces, materials and people

Safe To Use

AertosTM drones can be safely flown with minimal operating training needed. Instead of the open blades on standard drones, our drones have ducts and software to help prevent both injury and damage to obstacles or obstructions the drone might contact. First-time users can easily and safely launch our drones and catch them in midair.

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Aertos120 Logo

Aertos120 Specs

SIZE: WxHxD 18" x 18" x 4" (50cm x 50 cm x 10cm)
WEIGHT: 5.6lbs, 2.5kg (with camera system)
BATTERY SYSTEM: LiPo high capacity (spare included) and Universal Mains Charger
STANDARD PAYLOAD: Visual Wavelength HD video link (real time view and recorded), plus 12 MP stills, stabilized on gimbal with operator control of pitch from forward to straight up or down (+/-90°)
CARRYING: Protective shipping case

FLIGHT TIME: LightPayload, over 15 minutes. Full payload over 11 min
OPERATOR CONTROL: Conventional joysticks for flight, plus thumbwheel adjustment for camera tilt and button for taking still photos
LIGHTING: Colored lights to aid in navigation and indication of status
ILLUMINATOR: 2-watt high-brightness (300-lumen) LEDs for videos and still imaging
OPTIONS: Click here for options

Industrial Inspections PDF

Why Math Matters
Re-thinking Drone Flight Stability

Dr. Thomas Williams discusses the importance of math in the context of Folded Geometry Code (FGC) as it is used as a flight control and operating system built on advanced flight mathematics used in space navigation.

"Our approach-a single multi-dimensional model-maintains all perspectives at all times"

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Digital Aerolus Easy Deployment

Digital Aerolus demonstrates smooth flight inside our offices thanks to its Folded Geometry Flight Code

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