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Fly inspection and first responder missions with the Aertos 200 drone vehicle

bladed or ducted inspection drone
for automated warehouse inventory management


Accurate inventory accounting is crucial to managing a profitable warehousing operation. Cycle counting and full audits of inventory have emerged as perhaps the most critical and time-consuming tasks in a modern warehouse.

Digital Aerolus teams with Dronescan to deliver the Aertos 200™, an airborne data collection system and robotic solution for warehouse inventory management that provides live, accurate telemetry and directly integrates with Warehouse Management systems.

The ducted Aertos 200™ and its sister the open-bladed Aertos 201™ are precision engineered to save warehouse operations teams hundreds of man-hours, and to provide a safer alternative to traditional, labor intensive methods that involve ladders, reach trucks, forklifts, man-cages and scissor-lifts. The high-speed DroneScan system scans each pallet’s barcode and records the status and location of each item into your management system at up to 50 times faster than your manual capture method. Our proprietary Folded Geometry Code (FGC™), a flight control and operating system constructed on advanced flight mathematics, makes sure your aircraft is simple to operate so your inventory management workflow can flow smoothly and efficiently time after time.

Digital Aerolus delivers space-age technology to the drone/UAS market, addressing the real-world challenges of inspection and warehousing operations – and more.

Warehouse Inventory Assurance

Ducted fans (120mm) or open props (12″)

21 minutes

Scanning system from DroneScan™



Aertos 200™: 22 x 22 x 5.25
Aertos 201™: 23.5 x 23.5 x 5.25

Aertos 200™: 560 x 560 x 133
Aertos 201™: 597 x 597 x 133

2700 g

The AERTOS™ 200/201 combines versatility and ruggedness in a compact, maneuverable package. You choose either open blades with optional prop guards, or a stable ducted fan design – any configuration equips your aircraft to fly a stable, predictable mission and accomplish your warehouse inspection objectives with high efficiency.

Pilot the Aertos 200 into rugged challenging environments

Stocktake inventory management with the automated scanner - Aertos 200 and Dronescan

Advanced drone technology and inventory scanning system optimized for warehouse operations


Barcode Inventory operations
Stocktake inventory
Product management
Live reporting


Carbon fiber frame
Integrated scanning system
Ducted fan propulsion (Aertos 200™)
Open blade propulsion (Aertos 201™)
Does not require GPS

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Digital Aerolus Drones Deliver Six Key Features


Stable indoor and outdoor, even in GPS-challenged areas. Predictable flights indoors and out – even if the UAV strikes an object.


Safe ducted & protected-blade designs reduce risk and prevents injury to your workforce, and damage to nearby objects and even the UAV itself.


Simple to start, simple to launch. Deploy rapidly – from carrying case into your airspace in a matter of seconds.


High-resolution video telemetry and still images – with broad visual view both horizontal or vertical – even in darkness.


Rugged design and strong materials means that Digital Aerolus drones can handle your challenging day-to-day work environment.


Compact designs – the perfect tools for tight and confined spaces and places other drones can’t even imagine going.