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The Company

A spinoff of the Caltech Planetary Science Group, Digital Aerolus brings space-age technology to the drone/UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) market. Its internally-developed technologies and flying drones are designed to solve problems for police, fire, inspection, warehouse and many other applications. This commercial drone market is growing and largely untapped. Digital Aerolus' cornerstone technology, Folded Geometry Code (FGC), is a flight control and operating system built on advanced flight mathematics used in space navigation. As such, it was previously unknown to the consumer and commercial drone/UAS industry. Digital Aerolus' proprietary technologies offer sustainable, competitive advantages to this dynamic sector by providing previously unimagined performance characteristics.

A Radically Different Approach

  • New flight control system avoids flaws in existing technologies
  • Behavioral language and environment for development of AI behaviors
  • Data management system integrates vision with flight
  • Flies safely near people, but with industrial-strength tool capabilities
  • Patented proprietary technologies provide a suite of IP for development of customer-specific behaviors to use on other drone platforms
  • Near-future development of technologies for autonomous hover, flight, and behavior-based AI functions through our integrated 360 spherical perspective


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Aertos120 Drone Image A Cornerstone Technology designed specifically for inspections of

  • Highways & railroad bridges/tunnels/culverts
  • Boiler or storage tanks
  • Buildings
  • Underground vaults & manholes
  • Warehouse operators
  • Underground mining & storage
  • ...and more

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The Six Key Features of Digital Aerolus

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Stable indoor and outdoor - no GPS or denied GPS, no problem. A stable flight indoors or out even if the unit strikes an object.

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Simple to start, simple to launch. Time from removal from case to in the air is a matter of seconds.

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Rugged design and strong materials means that these drones can handle your day-to-day work environment.


Digital Aerolus' ducted design reduces risk and prevents injury to your workforce, nearby objects and even the unit itself.

Sight & Imagery Icon


Capture high-resolution images and videos of 180 degree views; horizontal or vertical.

Small, Compact Design Icon


At 18" wide, this compact design makes it the perfect tool for tight and confined spaces; places other drones can't even imagine going.

Digital Aerolus Logo

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