Outdoor & Indoor Flight

Digital Aerolus drones are perfect for challenging real-world situations indoors or out. Our drones are fully operable in GPS unreliable environments. And we've invested the time to create a drone that can safely interface with humans thanks to SafeCatchTM. Unlike typical open-bladed drones, our drones can instantly be deployed and recovered by hand, without user injury or damage to control surfaces or objects in the environment.

A Better Solution for Risky, Inaccessible Environments

With Folded Geometry Code (FGC)TM providing stable flight, you can avoid risk to workers while gathering vital data for industrial inspections, mining, security, or surveillance.

Our Software

Digital Aerolus uses TangleTM telemetry system and Folded Geometry Code (FGC)TM to make indoor and outdoor flight seamless. Folded Geometry Code is a flight control and operating system built on advanced flight mathematics used in space navigation. Our Digital Aerolus' Behavioral Language & Environment (DABLE)TM team implement autonomous behaviors that can be easily ported to your drone hardware enabling it to fly smoothly, without delays, even with no pitch and roll inputs. And with DABLETM, your drone can exhibit behavioral, Artificial Intelligence (AI) characteristics.

Warehouse Workers with Aertos 120 Drone Indoors

A Radically Different Approach to the USA Commercial & Industrial Markets

First Responder Concerned

First Responders

When you're first on the scene, you don't know what you're walking into. You need a tool to assess the threat. Digital Aerolus drones deploy instantly with the ability to operate independently of GPS or Wi-Fi signals. They will fly indoors, through tight spaces, or even underground to give officers the intelligence they need.
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Industrial Inspections

Digital Aerolus' Aertos drones are a true 21st-century solution to your inspection needs. They fly stably and safely in GPS-denied or GPS-compromised environments. The drones can be quickly deployed just seconds after powering them up. And with the ducted blades and software, we hepl prevent both injury and damage to obstacles or obstructs the drone might contact.
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Workers Pointing to Work Areas

Digital Aerolus Featured Video

Underneath Bridge Inspection with Aertos120 Drone

Conducting an underneath bridge inspection where GPS signals are unreliable with the Aertos 120 drone in Kansas. It's up / down vision provides photos and video to give inspectors the ability to efficiently look for structural issues or evaluate preventative maintenance between beams while safely on the ground. The tight, confined space is no problem because of the rugged design that allows bumping without fear of damage to the unit while continuing to provide a stable flight.

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Why Math Matters Whitepaper

Why Math Matters

Re-thinking Drone Flight Stability

Digital Aerolus discusses the importance of math in the context of Folded Geometry Code (FGC) as it is used as a flight control and operating system built on advanced flight mathematics used in space navigation.

"Our approach-a single multi-dimensional model-maintains all perspectives at all times"

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Digital Aerolus Inc. Labs

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The Digital Aerolus Labs created some amazing features that not only make our drones easy to use but also independently powerful. We use Tangle telemetry and Folded Geometry Flight Code (FGC) to make indoor and outdoor flight seamless. Our DABLE team implements autonomous and behavioral gesturing flight. We've invested the time to create a drone that is safe to interact closely with humans.

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